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Here are the finalized  travel rosters for the 2022-2023 Season.  Coaches will reach out to their rosters in the coming week for practices.  Any players not selected will automatically be assigned to the In Town League.  Intown scrimmages begin November 8 at the Bresnahan School.


4th Grade 5th Grade 6th Grade  7 Grade 8th Grade
Cook, W Arcand, P Bailey, C Brown, E Cook, S
DeSimone, D Armstrong, A Bates, C Degraves, T Downey, R
Hodges, G Boselli, J Cooty, J Fisher, W Fowler, B
Kichen, E Dunn, G Cormier, R Johnson, P LaCava, J
Lawrence, R Grelle, B Cuticchia, J Lisausksas, T Murray, Q
Melander, J Linteris, M Fagan, O Luekens, S O'Real, J
Murray, T Reardon, O Jervah, J Sanchez, N Scott, H
Neville, K Savastra, M Rimer, M Sheehan. T Spinney, O
Routhier, J Sheehan, M Rouba, O Stare. A Stroope, T
Schneider, S Todd, C Young, W Winters, N Warnat, B
Young, C        






NBBA Travel teams are for grades 4-8.  Our teams compete in the Cape Ann Youth Basketball league for grades 5-8, and we also place teams in the Eastern League for grades 4 for the 2021-2022 season.  Travel teams will practice during the week, starting in mid November  The regular season begins the first weekend in January, and runs through the beginning of March.  Teams could have games on both Saturday and Sunday throughout the winter, in addition to tournaments around the holidays (, Christmas, Feb vacation).  


Tryout dates are posted on the Home page. We are looking for the most talented, hard working, and dedicated players to represent Newburyport Travel Basketball, in a fun and competitive league!  Players must live in Newburyport, or attend school in Newburyport.  Players from the IC, River Valley etc. are eligible and encouraged to attend tryouts.  Players and families interested in competing with the  travel team must understand this is a season long committment.  If you are unable to commit to all practices/games/tournaments we respectfully ask that you particpate in the in town program.



All players must be registered and paid in full before tryouts.   No refunds are given if your child is not selected.    There is also an additional $50 cost if your child is selected to offset the Cape Ann League fees.




NBBA 2021-2022 Travel Teams – Selection Process


CAPE ANN LEAGUE – The NBBA enters travel teams, Grades 5-8, into the Cape Ann Boys Basketball League, and one team (4th grade) for the Eastern Basketball League. Both leagues are part of the newly formed North Shore Basketball Association. NBBA players in each grade level are evaluated and 10 boys are selected to play on each of the Cape Ann League and Eastern League teams.  There are minimum playing time rules for all teams in the Cape Ann & Eastern League.  Home games are played at the Newburyport High School gym or Bresnahan elementary school on Saturday afternoon and away games are played in nearby towns.  Teams will also participate in tournaments during the season.  The CAL/Eastern Playoffs are held at the end of the season.


 Travel Teams – Selection Process

The NBBA conducts travel team evaluations in October, the specific dates for which are posted on the website when finalized.  NBBA players in each grade level are evaluated and 10 boys are selected to play on each of the teams.  Two “alternate” players may be selected, as well, to practice at least one day with the team and play in non-league games and some tournaments, at the discretion of the coach. 

 Player Evaluations and Team Selection Process:

The NBBA believes that player evaluations and team selection should be an open process that reduces questions about roster decisions.  We also understand that any ranking of players is subjective and can lead to disagreements.  The procedures followed by the NBBA are designed to eliminate bias and result in formation of the most competitive teams.

 Selection of players for the travel teams are based on the following:

  1. Outside Professionals – The NBBA contracts with independent, non-parent basketball professionals to run the try-outs or assist in evaluating players.  For the first time this year, the NHS coach, Dave Clay, and members of his staff will run the try-outs.  THEY WILL NOT HAVE A ROLE IN EVALUATING PLAYERS, HOWEVER.  An outside independent evaluator, like a neighboring towns high school coach or AAU program director, will be chosen by the NBBA to evaluate players.
  2. Independent NBBA Evaluators – NBBA Directors without children in the grade being evaluated are tasked with evaluating players and choosing teams.  Directors with children trying out for the team are not involved in the selection process or consulted about players.
  3. Travel Team Coaches – The NBBA picks coaches annually after teams are selected.  No coach is guaranteed to coach a team the following year.  However, as the prior year’s coaches often have the best knowledge of players at each grade level, they may be consulted during the selection process, but only if their child, if any, has been confirmed for the team, first.  The prior year’s coaches have seen many of the boys practice, play games and participate in off-season clinics/leagues, and they are useful in constructing competitive teams.  However, any such role will be advisory and not determinative.
  4. NBBA Board -- Final rosters for the travel teams are approved by majority vote of the NBBA Board members, and directors with children on the team do not participate in the vote.

 After the close of NBBA registration, interested players attend evaluation sessions for grades 4-8.  During these sessions all players will be evaluated in the following categories:

  • ATHLETIC ABILITY (quickness, jumping, coordination, strength)
  • BALL HANDLING SKILLS (dribbling, passing, catching)
  • SHOOTING/SCORING SKILLS (jump shots, foul shots, layups)
  • DEFENSE & REBOUNDING (man-to-man, steals, boxing out, offensive boards)
  • UNDERSTANDING THE GAME (court awareness, knows the rules)
  • ATTITUDE & COMPETITIVENESS (coachable, good teammate, hustles)

Evaluations occur during two separate 90 minute sessions.  Although a child can make the team based on attendance at one session, it is strongly encouraged that players attend both sessions, as competition is at a high level, and commitment and dedication are important parts of the process.  The evaluators discuss players and share their rankings by position throughout the process.  After the 2nd tryout session, the Independent Evaluators submit a final roster (10 players) to the Board for approval. 

 The final roster is based on all available information, including but not limited to: 1) evaluations by the Independent Evaluators and Outside Professionals at the try-out; 2) positional needs of teams required to compete in the  league; 3) performance during past seasons in any NBBA or Newburyport league, clinic and camp, as observed by the evaluators over the course of  the year; and 4) the attitude and commitment of the individual players.  The goal is to put together the best NBBA teams to compete in the Cape Ann League.  It should be stressed that the best TEAM might not include all the best individual players or athletes in that grade level.  A successful team must have ball handlers, scorers, defenders, rebounders and role players. 

Once the Board has approved the final rosters, the rosters will be posted on the NBBA web site and a coach will be selected by the Board from submitted candidates.  Once selected, coaches will contact players after rosters are posted.  If the player does not wish to join the travel team for whatever reason, that player will be assigned to an NBBA In-Town League team at a later date.  The Coach with Board Approval may then select another player from the list of alternates to complete the team roster.


                                                                                                                  NBBA BOARD