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Greetings to all  NBBA Travel Team Parents,

The NBBA Travel Team season has begun in earnest, and our NBBA board members, coaches, players, and fans are all looking forward to a great season in representing the town of Newburyport on the hardwood.  As we approach the start of our game schedule, its important to keep in mind a few things regarding conduct and respect for all involved with making this season a success.  NBBA coaches, board members etc are all volunteers, putting in countless hours for 4 and a half months of the winter season.  The NBBA board has given a lot of thought to the creation of the travel teams, and to the naming of head coaches and assistant coaches, and we have a lot of faith in all of them to develop all players, and to guide their teams throughout the season.  

We have some brand new teams every year, and it will take time to gel and get up to speed, so please be patient as the process unfolds. We also tend to play very strong competition in pre-season scrimmages and tournament play, which will prepare our teams for success in their regular season schedule.  Travel basketball tends to place greater emphasis on competing at a high level and winning, but not at all costs.  From time to time, issues will arise between parents and coaches, and their is a certain protocol that should be followed when this occurs.


1. Please make an effort to discuss any issues with the head coach first.  

2. Observe the 24 hour rule after practices and games (let the issue cool down before discussing)

3. If the issue is not resolved after talking to the head coach, contact the Travel Basketball director. If the issue is not resolved after talking with the Travel Director, contact the League President.  

5. Please No coaching from the stands, this can be both distracting and confusing to the kids.  

6. We have an 8 minute minute per game minimum playing time rule for each player.  Coaches need to make every effort to observe this and to ensure this.  Mistakes can happen, and you will usually find that it will be made up to them in following games.  

7. For more information, please read our NBBA code of conduct on the home page. 


Thank you to all of the parents for your continued support of the NBBA.


NBBA Board.