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Sponsored By:   Koglin Orthodontics
Newburyport, MA

NBBA In-Town League

5th and 6th Grade      
Clippers Lakers Spurs Warriors
Aussant Downey Spinney Stroope
Coffin Galoski Sanchez Fisher, W
Cook Fisher, R O'Real Murray, Q
Cowles Sheehan Walsh Leukens
Dejordy Kopp Buchmayer Suchecki
Guilllo Brown Desch Hoekstra
Johnson Tanona Lopez Gagnon
McCoy Alfano Cotter Tummala
McKensky Stare Winters Mone
Riccardi Pessalano Deveney McCormick








NBBA In-Town Director




Thanks to all of our sponsors for supporting youth basketball here in Newburyport!