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NBBA In-Town League

5th and 6th Grade Teams    
Team 1 Team 2 Team 3  Team 4
Burns Benson Cotter Armstrong
Enes Bickel Deveney Blinderman
Hoekstra,  Buchmayer Galosky Carner
Hoekstra,C Dejordy Hoekstra, W D'ambrosio
Kebler  Hansen Loughran Guild
Lisaukas Nelson Markos LaCava
McKrensy Pons McIntosh Padden
Miller Riccardi McKewon Patel
Odonnell Staunton Nye Rodriguez
Page Thorenson Wilcox Silva
  Zuercher   Varay



  7th and 8th Grade Rosters      
Team 1 Team 2 Team3 Team 4 Team 5
Cook Barry Degloria Cantrell Baisley
Cowles Cassino Fisher Chase Bourque
DeLiberio Forrest Hay Johnson, C Fadil Brennan
Fountain Grossman Martin Garinger Gioldasis
Johnson Lindsey Martin Hurley Godfretson
Klapes Londergan Riley Keane Martellucci
Lusardi Mack Sanchez Markos Petersen
Myhre Perron Sherman McGovern Stetson
Newman Raymond      





NBBA In-Town Director

Seth Miles


Thanks to all of our sponsors for supporting youth basketball here in Newburyport!