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NBBA In-Town League


    5th and 6th Grade Temporary Teams  
  Team 1 Team 2 Team 3  Team 4
1 Kebler  Thorenson Wilcox D'ambrosio
2 Enes Bickel Markos Rodriguez
3 Page Riccardi O'Donnell Varay
4 Hoekstra Pons Loughran Cotter
5 Hoekstra Staunton Nye Guild
6 Hoekstra Nelson Armstrong Deveney
7 Lisaukas Benson McIntosh LaCava
8 Burns Dejordy Blinderman Silva
9 McKrensy Zuercher McKewon Padden
10 Miller Hansen Buchmayr Patel






NBBA In-Town Director

Seth Miles


Thanks to all of our sponsors for supporting youth basketball here in Newburyport!