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Welcome to the Newburyport Boys Basketball Association!

The Newburyport Boys Basketball Association (NBBA) offers the opportunity for all boys living in Newburyport or attending schools in the city to exercise, develop basketball skills, and play structured, competitive basketball games.

The NBBA offers school-aged boys the chance to play in the following leagues: 

  • Rookie League for boys and girls in grades 1 and 2
  • Development League (D League) for grades 3 and 4 
  • 5th/6th and 7th/8th Grade In-Town Leagues
  • Cape Ann League (travel), for grades 4–8
  • High School Rec League

The Rookie League is designed to introduce the basics of the game to our youngest players through skill instruction and fun basketball games and contest. 

The D League gives third and fourth graders the chance to play in an organized league format while learning and honing basic skills and team concepts. 

For the in-town leagues, players of all skill levels participate in an equal-playing time environment that features balanced team rosters and fun, competitive games against friends and classmates. 

The focus in the travel programs is on developing skilled, competitive players who will play against teams from neighboring towns in the Cape Ann League. 

The High School Rec League provides an opportunity for all high school players to continue playing the game in a structured setting but without coaches or practices.

Registration for the Winter High School Rec League will open in December, after the high school rosters have been set.


Thanks to all of our sponsors for supporting youth basketball here in Newburyport!